Thursday, January 26, 2017

My holidays

On sunday September some time we went to  mitre ten to get Plant’s and tool’s and when we were there we found paint all over the floor so we told the worker there that the paint was spilled all over the floor he had to get the  paint we needed.  The paint was very sticky i couldn't walk on it so  I thought i'll be nice and pick the bucket and lid for the bucket the paint goes into and give it to him and for helping him a got a mitre ten lollipop. The lollipop was so sticky as well just like the paint. I went with my Uncle which is really my step dad because my real dad doesn't see me any more for some reason? Then we got to the outside building with walls were all the plant’s are we buyed a Butterfly Plant and some food for our rose called blue moon then we buyed flowers and then weed killers so we could kill the weed’s and we buyed some wood. Then We headed back home we didn't plant the plant’s  we build the fence higher with the wood we buyed. I loved helping Uncle build up the fence. We still need to plant the Plant’s But my mum’s doing it tomorrow. After we done the fence Mum got home from work right on time when we just finished the fence. Then I went inside the house and welcomed mum home and relaxed.  Then we had Dinner  then I watched a little more tv then I went to bed to have a sleep zzzzzzz.

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