Monday, February 20, 2017

The Sky.

The Sky.

The sky can be like a rainbow of colours.
 The stars look like diamonds .
The lights in the sky look like stars.
The clouds  are like white, candy floss in the sky.
The sun is so bright like the stars but brighter.
The moon is bright as the sun.
When I look at the sun it looks purplish even though it’s yellow.
When it's night the sun goes to bed and the moon wakes up and lights up the night.
The weather can be raining, snowing or sunny , cloudy or foggy or even snowing hailing and also cold and sunny.
When I see it sunny and raining I wait for the beautiful rainbow to come out and shine in the sky.
I can’t wait to see the sky, the rainbows , the weather , the moon , the sun , the stars also the clouds to come out and shine brighter like they  do.

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  1. Nice work Noah. I really like some of the descriptive language that you have used. My favourite line is " the moon wakes up" because I can just imagine it yawning to wake up as the sun yawns to go to bed! Next time maybe think of a different word for bright as you have said both the sun and the moon are bright.


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